The Artist

Kicki Sundberg (born 1957), I have many years of photography experience, my main inspiration is a photographer who trained me for many years in different environments, mainly in Paris and Barcelona.
I grew up with art, theater and dance as an obvious part of my family. At an early age, I was hanging out with my dad who was a painting artist, I often sat beside him in his studio and painted. "Then the feeling of creating and telling in pictures was born."

My pictures capture the moment with a natural light, I create a deeper meaning in the pictures, and each of them has its own story. Nature is an obvious source of inspiration for me.
I have participated internationally in photo exhibitions, in Venice, Photographic Magazine under the theme of Minimalism and Universal Love in Berlin and Vienna.

Enjoy and be caught by the light and the beauty of nature.
Warm welcome - Kicki Sundberg, photographer

You can order pictures in different formats and materials by a fast contact at the webpages contactform.

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